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2019 Fall Show – Frights of the Round Table – 11/02/19 8:30 PM


  • $16.24


Harold Prince Theater
3680 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States of America
Building Number: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
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Lights up on a shadowy castle in 6th century Britain. It’s the DARK AGES and the name has never been more accurate. It is dark. It is DAMP. It’s London weather but no one has invented the umbrella yet! Through the mist strides a troupe of knights in gleaming, skintight armor. They are on a quest to find the Legendary Sword in the Tombstone, rumored to be hidden in the country’s most haunted castle. As they stride into the fortress, lightning cracks over the ramparts, illuminating the shaded silhouettes of ghoulish guards, living paintings, and everyone who you can recognize but whose name you can’t remember. It truly is the most frightening place in an already-dark world. As they walk the dim halls, a menacing laugh emanates from deeper in, saying, “Beware ye who enters Castle Pennsyl-vania.” Will the knights survive the night? Or is that just witchful thinking? Either way, it’s sure to tickle your funny bone and be a skele-ton of fun! Heads will roll at Mask and Wig’s Fall Production….


NeonCRM by Neon One